Carmen Fabregat holds a Diploma in Architecture within the School of Architecture (ETSAC), University of A Coruna in which she did her specialism in Urban Planning and in Structures. In her fourth year, she undertook her architectural studies within the School of Architecture, Polytechnic of Turin, in Italy, and since that she has been interested in working in international environments in order to broaden her horizons, what has made her to work between Spain and the UK. She recently completed her second Degree in Sociology within the National University of Distance Education (UNED). Her interests have been complementing over the years, from understanding the urban environments to identifying the symbiotic relationships between social complexity and the setting conditions that foster people's lives. Along with other experience, she has been working at Pablo Gallego Picard Architectural Practice as an architect and urban designer since 2008 and collaborates within the CA Compostela Program as a professor assistant since 2011.