López Alsina

Fernando López Alsina
Bachelor of Arts (History Section), 1976.
PhD in Geography and History (History Section) by the School of Geography and History of Santiago de Compostela University.USC. 1987.
Professor of Medieval and Modern History at USC.
Professeur d'Histoire 2000 and Médiévale at the University of Paris IV Sorbonne , 1999.
Speaker at numerous national and international conferences.
Member of doctoral dissertation at the University of Paris IV Sorbonne (1999/2000) and the University Portucalense (1999).
Member of Scientific Committee of Compostella magazine, published by the Centro Italiano di Studi Compostellani (since 1999).
Member of the jury at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (December 2002).
Board Member of the Spanish Society for Medieval Studies, since May 2005
Member of the International Committee of Experts of the Camino de Santiago, since 2009.
Has contributed articles and book chapters in national and international magazines.



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