Fernando Agrasar


Fernando Agrasar Quiroga (Vigo, 1963) is an architect by the University of Corunna Architecture School (1989) and a Doctor by the University of Corunna (2001). He is a teacher in the Composition Department of the University of Corunna Architecture School. He was an Assistant Professor from 1990 to 2003 and, since that year, he is a Lecturer of the area of Architectural Composition.

His research work covers the analysis of contemporary and modern architecture, regarding especially their relations with other creative disciplines and varied cultural manifestations. He develops a critical task, in the media and specialized publications, with the idea of contributing to build a think tank linked to the contemporary architectural creation in Galicia. He directed, together with J. Irisarri the magazine "Obradoiro", from 2000 to 2006.

Fernando Agrasar mantains his professional activity as an architect, particularly in the design of exhibitions, restoration projects, both in landscape or new buildings, always related to his research activity.




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