Carlos Otero


Carlos Otero Vilariño

Archaeologist and member of Heritage Institute of Sciences since 1996 .
Director of the Unit for Scientific Culture at the Heritage Institute .
Coordinator of the program of collaboration between LPPP and Termarum Terra Foundation for the enhancement of the site of Castrolandín .
Coordinator of the Technical Unit of the team´s archaeological survey of the Original Pilgrimage way to Santiago.
Coordinator of the Castro´s Master Plan of Corunna.
Director for the Plan of Santa Comba -Prior- Ponza
Several national and international publications.
He has been developing its activity mainly in the field of the enhancement of archaeological heritage from the Landscape Archaeology point of view . These theoretical assumptions have started from the consideration of successive archaeological landscapes as cultural landscapes, as constituent of the current cultural landscape and not as an addition deposits in the territory.










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