2 Summer Program  

Selection Process

All applications will be reviewed by the direction of the CA Institute. Portfolios are very important in the consideration of the applications. The direction of the CA institute will notify the selection decisions to all applicants by e-mail.
All the materials should be only sent digitally by e-mail to : admissions@CAinstitute.es



1 page C.V. Din A4 or 8,5″ x 11″ The C.V. sould be written in English.



3 pages. Din A3 – 11″x17″ (landscape) produced in pdf format with samples of recent work that the student would consider most relevant.



Recommendation letters are not going to be considered



Non English native speakeres should attach any proof of their English Knowledge. Toefl, Ietl|6|, etc


Receiving School Credits at your University:

Most CA students have received 3 or 4 credits at their University for their work at the Compostela Institute the following semester. In the case of received credits, you will be allowed to waive a course, which will save you tuition money on that course (which can be equal to or more than the CA Institute tuition fee). Each school will determine the number of credits, based on the quality of your Compostela Institute summer portfolio. CA Institute does not guarantee school credits, since the decision is made by each institution based on the work you present, but students' success rate in the past has been high.  



Late applications are considered


Application Fees

No fee is requested.



  1. 2000 € (euros) for students signing up before 20 th December.
  2. 2400€ (euros) for students signing up after 20th December.

The Program fees are to be paid in two installments:

Tuition deposit: a 15% non-refundable deposit is required from all applicants who accept the CA´s offer for admission. The fee must be paid within 20 days after having received the acceptance email from the CA institute.

2nd Payment: 85% before 2nd MAY 2012.

Cancellation Policy: If CA does not accept a minimum number of 20 students the program could be cancelled before the 1st of June. Maximum number of students: 30.

*This FEE covers the tuition to attend, the lectures, workshops, charrettes, tours&trips which are part of the Compostela summer program, as listed in our web page.


Working Program Scholarships

Five Working Scholarships are offered to applicants who demonstrate academic excellence. All applicants to the main Summer program are eligible to apply for a scholarship, regardless of nationality or background. The student in receipt of a scholarship will collaborate with a CA design Team.

If you want to apply for a Working Scholarship, please contact to us and we will provide information.


Downloadable material


CA Application 2014.pdf

CA Scholarship 2014.pdf


Compostela Architecture Program SPAIN admissions@CAinstitute.es