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The CA institute is an educational institution based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

CA institute develops educational programs, leveraging the city of Santiago de Compostela as a core element of the education of an architect.

In recognition of the unique value of the city´s historic center, Santiago de Compostela was declared a World Interest City by the UNESCO in 1993. The city is also home to an important number of contemporary architectural masterpieces, designed by leading architects –Eisenman, Gallego, Grassi, Hejduk, Kleiheus, Noguerol, Siza, Viaplana, etc.-

CA institute leverages the city of Santiago de Compostela as an architectural laboratory - firstly to learn from its excellent historical and contemporary architectural tradition, and, secondly, to reflect on its urban complexity. As a living example, the city allows students to interact with and learn from architectural experiences.

To develop a tectonic sense of architecture, CA institute´s publications, lectures, congresses and courses always include visits to contemporary projects, located in or near the city and throughout Galicia.

The institute focuses on developing fundamental skills of an architect. In that sense, materiality, tectonics, sketching, hand made models, are basic elements of the common syllabus of this institute.

The CA institute is an independent educational organization that is supported by the University of Santiago and the City Hall of Santiago de Compostela.



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